Frequently Asked Questions

We understand being concerned about scams. We work in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, and we are happy to provide agency contact information or other means of verification, based on the city or county in which you were cited. Please call the Help Desk at (601) 790-7005 for any additional verification you may need.

You have every right to appear in court and contest the charge, in which case we will provide the prosecutor with the government and insurer records associated with your violation. Alternately, you can provide payment and be enrolled in the Diversion Program at that time.

Government records indicated an uninsured status at the time of the violation. If you have proof of insurance for the date of the citation, please scan and upload it here. We will verify it with insurers and request clearance for you.

NOTE: If your vehicle is registered in Mississippi but your vehicle insurance policy coverage lists your vehicle at an out-of-state address, then that is considered uninsured in Mississippi. Your vehicle must be insured in the same state in which you have registered your vehicle.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you are serving in the U.S. military and have out-of-state insurance coverage on the cited vehicle, please contact the Help Desk or upload documentation to the website here, and we will update the record for you.

You are responsible for insurance coverage until ownership officially changes. Because you are the owner of the vehicle and it was in use, you are responsible for insurance coverage.

Mississippi law states that the owner of a vehicle is responsible for insurance coverage of that vehicle, regardless of who is driving it, unless the vehicle is stolen.

You can’t be. Please upload a copy of the Police Report and we will get this cleared for you. If you need further assistance, please call the Help Desk at (601) 790-7005.

According to government records, the vehicle was in use on a public road without proper insurance, which is a violation of state law.

To show that you did not own vehicle on the date of citation, please scan and upload your official bill of sale here. We will need the name and address of the buyer so the purchase can be verified, and the citation can then be dismissed. If you need further assistance, please call the Help Desk at (601) 790-7005.

At the time of the violation, all records indicated that you did not have insurance.

No, we cannot represent insurers. Please contact a local agent to obtain coverage.

The Diversion Program is the quickest way to resolve your citation. It saves you time and money by allowing you to avoid court costs, license suspension and keeps the offense off of your driving record. Through the Diversion Program, you pay a reduced fine, take a short online course, and agree not to allow the vehicle to be driven uninsured again.

Yes, but only on the date and time of your court hearing, as indicated on your citation. This is the only time that Court Status personnel may be at court. Remember however, that payment and completion of the Diversion Program eliminates your need to attend the court hearing.

Checks are not accepted for payment. A debit card, credit card, or money order can be accepted any time online or in person at your court hearing.

Please refer to your citation for court hearing date and time as this is the only time that Court Status personnel are at the court. Regular court staff are NOT able to accept payment.

Payments can be made over a three-month period. Please click here and enter your citation number to get started. Please call the help desk (601) 790-7005 for further assistance.

If your vehicle was uninsured on the date noted, then we can help you resolve this through the Diversion Program – without going to court, without missing work, without paying the higher cost court fine and fees, and without the insurance lapse being reported to the state. This Diversion Program exists to help you, but you must do three things: (1) agree not to allow use of this vehicle on a public roadway while it is uninsured, (2) pay the $300 program fee, and (3) complete the no-cost online course.

Depending on how long it takes for the insurer to respond, this verification can take 5-7 business days. We must verify that the proof of insurance was current for the date of citation.