Mississippi has the highest percentage of uninsured vehicles in the United States. This places a heavy burden on those who are involved in accidents with uninsured drivers, as well as vehicle owners who pay higher premiums due to our state’s uninsured rate. We built the Court Status program in partnership with local law enforcement agencies to address this issue with the goal being increased compliance, not punishment.

The Court Status Diversion Program allows individuals to resolve their non-insured vehicle status without high-cost court fines and fees and without the offense going on their driving records. Using the state’s database of license plate numbers, VINs, and insurance status, law enforcement officers verify the insurance status of vehicles being driven on public roadways. Those officers make the determination without access to the owner’s or driver’s identity, address, or other personal information. The vehicle owner is identified only after it is confirmed that a vehicle is uninsured. The driver is not identified at all, as the vehicle owner has responsibility for insurance in the state of Mississippi.

Key Points

  • The Court Status Diversion Program is legal and respectful.
  • No tax revenue is used, all costs are funded within the program itself.
  • Vehicle owners pay a greatly reduced program fee compared to traditional court fines and fees.
  • Individual privacy is fully protected. No access to private information is available prior to an officer making a determination of probable cause.
  • Law enforcement personnel can focus more time on other serious crimes.